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Un produs excelent

Un produs excelent si foarte util atunci cand vine vorba de dureri si spasme musculare! Multumesc!

Oana Pop

Pentru viitori profesioniști

Informații oferite de profesioniști, pentru viitori profesioniști.

Vlase Marius

Ză best

Ză best seminar/course/practice!

Răzvan Bogățeanu

About Rockford Kinesiology

Rockford Kinesiology offers its worldwide members access to the most necessary information and tools in the medical and sports recovery field, helping the therapist to highly qualify in their carrier.

Understanding the role of fascia in healthy movement and postural balance is of vital importance to all somatic practitioners.

Rockford Kinesiology Academy presents a whole system technique treatments of myofascial and locomotor anatomy, especially the body-wide connections among the muscles within the fascial connections.

Rockford Kinesiology seminars and workshops are suitable for all levels – from the student, athlete, Yoga & Pilates practitioners, massage therapists to the most experienced therapist in the medical field.

Rockford Kinesiology concept originates from USA and it teaches specialized therapists from all over the world in the last past 7 years the patterns of strain that communicate through the myofascial webbing, contributing to a healthy movement stability.

More than 10 years ago, most of the members of our community realized and saw great improvement in the treatment of our patients, without the use of any medicine, treating with different techniques by developing a 'holistic' view of anatomy of each patient. This is one of the first reason why our training courses are most useful to the therapists in relieving pain and resolving difficulties in their clients who seek their help.

A therapist, when coming and attending to one of our workshops, needs to be explained and shown the connections and the pattern that stays behind a certain therapy technique. That is why in our concept we explain also anatomy and biomechanics on protocol basis, because we want to develop also the way the therapists are thinking and combining the new techniques. That’s how we came up with our strength motto: #ThinkSmart #TreatSmart. We help our members how to efficiently treat smarter their patients.

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Very soon you’ll be able to have complete access also to our online courses platform and we promise you that your e-learning experience with us will be most rewarding! Stay tuned for more!